Founded in 1972, the Aspen Retinal Detachment Society (ARDS) holds an annual meeting the first week of March that attracts an outstanding group of retinal leaders from around the world.

The ARDS meeting is vigorous and defined by its interactive approach between the speakers and the audience. Dynamic discussion among all participants is a hallmark of the ARDS, whether it is in the conference room, or on the ski slope.

The goal is to address the professional practice gaps of ARDS meeting attendees by offering activities that aid in enhancing competency in the fields of vitreoretinal diseases, surgery, and practice management.

The ARDS CME Program includes scientific paper presentations and panel discussions from world renowned vitreoretinal specialists. The expected results are enhancements in our participants’ competency. The educational content is expected to provide expanded knowledge to enable participants to diagnose and treat vitreoretinal diseases with the most advanced concepts and techniques available.

Don D'Amico and Tim Murray

Don D’Amico and Tim Murray,
Annual Meeting Co-chairs