Founders Lectures
2024K. Bailey Freund, MDPsuedoaxanthoma Elasticum (PXE): A Rare Disease with a Multitude of Retinal Imaging Findings
2023Gregg T. Kokame, MD, MMMManagement of Exudative Macular Degeneration Based on Anatomic Subtypes
2022H. Culver Boldt, MDSurgical Training: Advances After Three Decades
2021Dennis P. Han, MDAnti-VEGF Therapy of Neovascular AMD with Advanced Visual Loss: Going Where Few Randomized Trials Have Gone Before
2020Glenn J. Jaffe, MDSurgical Rounds
2019Allen C. Ho, MDGene Therapy for Neovascular AMD 2019: Pitfalls and Promise
2018Maria H. Berrocal, MDPearls in the Surgical Management of Complications of Diabetic Retinopathy
2017Mark S. Humayun, MD, PhDThe Road to Developing Bioelectronics for Ophthalmology
2016Mark W. Johnson, MDOcriplasmin Retinopathy: Characteristics, Mechanism, Incidence, and Reversibility
2015Dean Eliott, MDProliferative Vitreoretinopathy: Principles and Controversies
2014Carl D. Regillo, MDAnti-VEGF Maintenance Therapy for Neovascular AMD
2013Joan W. Miller, MDCurrent and Future Therapies of AMD
2012Steven T. Charles, MD25G Vitrectomy without Scleral Buckling for RRD, PVR, and Giant Breaks